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Your first line of defense against obesity and chronic disease

Signature LIVE course with

certified plant based nutritionist Lisa A. Smith



Next Class is in session:  January 2020

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  • Discover the healing properties of REAL food

    Go from pills to plants,  prevent/reverse disease and lose weight using whole real food!  

  • Become a plant based foodie

    Conquer food intimidation and learn how to prepare foods you were 'not brought up on.'

  • Lose your mind

    Learn the neuroscience behind discipline and lose your old mindset by introducing new lifelong healthy habits.

Are you ready to go from P.H.A.R.M. To TABLE?

P.H.A.R.M. To TABLE Course Features

Weekly Live Masterclasses

Course includes six consecutive live classes. Some cohorts are held via live video conference and others are in a physical classroom. Location varies

FREE Recipe Book

Students will receive a copy of Lisa's new recipe book, The Plant Based Foodie!

Custom Meal Plans

Each student will receive 100% plant based meal plan each week. Includes digital grocery list and grocery delivery 

Complimentary One-On-One

Each student will have the option to book a private one on one session 

P.H.A.R.M. TO TABLE Legacy

After graduating from the six week intensive, students will be enrolled into our Legacy platform where they'll continue to receive support, recipes, classes and coaching

Food Tracking

Receive customized feedback on your daily eating and drinking habits

P.H.A.R.M. Canvas

Identify your barriers to success using Lisa's custom P.H.A.R.M. Canvas

Private Community

Receive weekly check-ins, feedback and accountability in members only community

Signature P.L.A.N.T.S. Curriculum

Signature curriculum developed based on years of experience and coaching

Our Students Love Us!

Lisa!!! Thanks so much!!! You're amazing and this course has been life changing. It was exactly what I needed to get focused and motivated to transition to a plant based conscious lifestyle. Not only did this help me physically, it's helped me emotionally and spiritually.

I graduated today!!! So proud of my accomplishments and drive to live!!! This plant based journey has been nothing but amazing.... I feel good, I’ve shedded some weight, and I’ve learned how to eat to live! All thanks to my plant based coach Lisa Angel Smith. She’s the real deal..... her P.H.A.R.M to Table Live course is so educational and inspiring. I’d invest in this course over and over again..... it’s just that phenomenal!!! Thanks Lisa!!!! My journey continues...

As usual, very informative. Your delivery seems clear, passionate and encouraging. The strength of your sessions are the 'non-scolding/lecturing' tones. It's as if a good friend found out some healthy secrets/info and merely wanted to bless me with said knowledge.

Lisa's vibe alone is so awesome, positive, nurturing and peaceful. She didn't just help me lose weight, she added years to my life by changing my inside before my outside.  I lost 42lbs, 10 inches off my waist, drop my cholesterol and A1C, glucose and so much more. Numbers don't lie! 

Lisa is so well knowledgeable and a great teacher! I’ve learned so much that will forever stick with me.. I love to see someone that has passion in what they do... A God given GIFT!

This course has changed my life and set me up for a lifetime of success and health!

Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens after the six weeks?

After completing the core curriculum, students graduate to P.H.A.R.M. TO TABLE Legacy which is an online platform where students continue to receive live coaching, masterclasses, recipes and support along they're plant based journey! 

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Take the first step toward empowering yourself to make a significant lifestyle change for both yourself and your family! 


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