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Signature Live course with certified plant based nutritionist Lisa A. Smith, MBA


    Go from pills to plants,  prevent/reverse disease and lose weight using whole real food!  


    Conquer food intimidation and learn how to prepare foods you were 'not brought up on.'


    Learn the neuroscience behind discipline and lose your old mindset by introducing new lifelong healthy habits.

The Shift Is Our Responsibility 

Our mission is to shift the ethos of our collective community. The 'advancements' in technology and the obsession with creating an on demand culture has negatively impacted our health and continues to modify our DNA. The only way to ensure physical, mental & emotional acuity for future generations is to start with ourselves. And that begins with our food. 

 Spring enrollment is now open!

All classes are 100% virtual!

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Last year my A1C was 7.4. I decided to become an ambassador for this program because it's the truth, it has changed my life! Last week my A1C was 5.8! I no longer have to take diabetes medicine. I've been off diabetes medicine for 3 months!

Kelley Duren-Jones

class of summer 2020

Course Features

Weekly Live Masterclasses

Course includes ten consecutive live classes. Live virtual classes will be held via Zoom video conference. 

Digital Recipe Guide

Students will receive a digital copy of P.H.A.R.M. TO TABLE's signature recipe book.

Live Cooking Demo

Students will enjoy a live cooking demo and Q&A with our certified plant-based chef. 

One-On-One Coaching Session

Each student has the option to book private one on one sessions for added support throughout the course. 

P.H.A.R.M. TO TABLE Legacy

Students will be enrolled into our Legacy platform where they'll access all of their course work & continue to receive support after the course.

Food Tracking

Each student is required to track all of their meals and exercise & receives weekly customized feedback and coaching.

P.H.A.R.M. Canvas

Identify your barriers to success using Lisa's custom P.H.A.R.M. Canvas.

Private Community

Receive weekly check-ins, feedback and accountability in our members only community.

Signature P.L.A.N.T.S. Curriculum

 Signature plant-based curriculum developed based on years of experience and coaching. More details below.

Course Curriculum


  • Power of Prevention, discover the difference between a vegan diet and a whole food plant based diet and how to use it to achieve optimal health.

  • Lose Your Mind, understand the science behind behavior change, neuroplasticity & how to create discipline.

  • Avoid Chronic Disease, learn how a plant-based diet impacts weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and type 2 diabetes.

  • Nutrient Density, explore vitamins and supplements and how to use your plate as your multi-vitamin.

  • The Tangibles, seamlessly navigate those tough conversations, holidays, events and vacations while living a plant-based lifestyle.

  • Sustainability, master a plant-based lifestyle by learning the most common pitfalls and how to avoid them.


Our Graduates Love Us!

Testimonials from our PHARMERS...

Lisa!!! Thanks so much!!! You're amazing and this course has been life changing. It was exactly what I needed to get focused and motivated to transition to a plant based conscious lifestyle.

PHARM alumni

Class of summer 2020

  I lost 42lbs, 10 inches off my waist, drop my cholesterol and A1C, glucose and so much more. Numbers don't lie! 

PHARM almuni

Class of summer 2020

PHARM alumni

Class of fall 2019

Lisa I cannot express in words how this PHARM course has been a turning point in my life. It has literally saved me from the despair of not knowing how to address many preconditions I have. I feel more confident in taking control of my life with the implementation of a plant based lifestyle. Thank you.

Class of Fall 2019

PHARM to TABLE LIVE just took my health and wellness to the next level. I 100% subscribe to a Whole Foods Plant Based Diet. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for my family and I. Lisa Angel Smith you are absolutely amazing. Can’t wait to see your vision come full circle.

I have type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. My numbers did go down. Weight loss 14lbs, body mass went down a few numbers, resting heart rate went down to 75, blood pressure 120/60, A1C 6.3, life expectancy 98. Yeah :)

Class of summer 2019

I am so excited to report that I have made my weight goal, down 11.2lbs and I lost 3 inches off of my waist!! All thanks to Lisa A. Smith and PHARM to TABLE and the support of this incredible group! 

Class of winter 2020

Class of fall 2018 

Excellent program! It is intensive, Lisa not only gives you the information you need to successfully transform to a healthier you, she gives you the tools, the step-by-step and holds you accountable encouraging you along the way! I loved it. Professional, well organized and FUN!!​

Class of summer 2019

I have transformed into a better, brighter, more confident me. I've been able to transition my kids to this lifestyle and I have a few other very important people in my life following my footsteps to health. I have developed an image of how I will use my passion for this lifestyle and fitness to change lives one plant based meal at a time. 

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Mastering Nutritional Excellence

 Spring enrollment is now open! 


Spring 2021


for CEU's

Spring 2021 Dates Announced Soon

Online only. Live virtual classroom. 

Spring 2021 VIRTUAL

Spring 2021 Dates Announced Soon

Online only. Live virtual classroom.

Spring 2021


Saturday Morning

Spring 2021 Dates Announced Soon

Online only. Live virtual classroom. 

NOTE: Enrollment is not refundable but is 100% transferable. Virtual enrollment requires you to provide your shipping address in order to receive your course materials by mail.


Receive continuing education credits after successful completion of P.H.A.R.M. TO TABLE LIVE!

Athletic Fitness Association of America

AFAA certified coaches will receive 15 continuing education credits after successful completion of P.H.A.R.M. TO TABLE LIVE.

MI Social Work Continuing Education Collaborative

State of Michigan social workers will receive 14 continuing education credits after successful completion of P.H.A.R.M. TO TABLE LIVE.

The National Academy of Sports Medicine

NASM certified coaches will receive 1.9 continuing education credits after successful completion of P.H.A.R.M. TO TABLE LIVE.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT CEU's: Students enrolling in P.H.A.R.M. TO TABLE LIVE to receive continuing education credits must attend all six live classes (make-ups are not available) and are required to pass a final exam with 80% or better. Students will have two attempts to take the final exam. Additional attempts are available for a fee.

My first real career job was as a social worker for the State of MI Department of Human Services. After four years of working in social work I began my own personal journey to optimal health and discovered a passion for health and wellness. I started my career in health as a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Therefore when I began creating courses and teaching nutrition it was important for me to reach back to my colleagues in the social work and personal training world and provide continuing education centered around plant-based nutrition. I am so proud to now be a ConEd provider for the MI Social Work Continuing Education Collaborative, NASM and AFAA and to know I'm arming my colleagues with the information and knowledge necessary to provide better outcomes for their clients and community.


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